Banana RepublicLike a cat I slumber, blissfully unencumbered,Via eighty per cent of my allotted span,Sometimes awoken, when dissent is spoken,And I invent one other crafty 5 yr plan,Recently …

Banana Republic

Like a cat I slumber, blissfully unencumbered,
Via eighty per cent of my allotted span,
Sometimes awoken, when dissent is spoken,
And I invent one other crafty 5 yr plan,
Recently it was pensions, that had been being talked about,
So I borrowed from the French and Robespierre,
Scrap all that went earlier than, saved by tooth and claw,
And let my all equal Residents seem,
At the moment it's time, for me to be in my prime,
For there's one other election looming,
I've to seem honest, for a part of this coming yr,
And guarantee everybody that every thing is booming,
By no means thoughts strict quotas, Ive imported multitudes of voters,
And advised them which occasion allow them to keep,
Although Ive rigged the postal vote, and defamed everybody of word,
You by no means know what would possibly occur on the day.
So to be on the protected aspect, I swallow all my pleasure,
And permit my individuals to listen to my hallowed voice,
And roll out the charade, placed on the facade,
And even make consider they've a alternative,
Subsequent time across the crown, will likely be trampled underground,
Home of Lords and Lord Chancellor historical past,
With the opposite Chancellor gone, I alone will soldier on,
Sure, then there'll solely ever be me,
Sick maintain elections for you, as all dictators do,
And fill positions with people who grease my palm,
As for civil unrest, there's at all times home arrest,
Or secret imprisonment for people who imply me hurt.

So from nationwide nursery, by way of academic historical past,
You'll be able to in time be a part of the New Labour Youth,
Be taught homosexual is enjoyable, and the state is primary,
And every other opinion is untruth.
Ask the media if uncertain, or philosophically impure,
Brainwashing British Residents is their forte,
They may certainly put you proper, or go to you at night time,
Both manner they'll cease you being naughty.
Meekly comply with all the principles, laid down in our colleges,
The place state is all and studying is suppressed,
And you'll safely be ignored, not seen as being flawed,
Simply be one other quantity like the remainder.
Higher far to be, part of mediocrity,
Inside your state and the seeds they've sown
Than to vanish, or to stay in fixed concern,
For having a thoughts and can all your personal.

How is it that we, misplaced the choice to be free,
How did we give away our proper to alternative,
How did we consider, while being deceived,
When did we determine to lose our voice.
How did we choose the politically right,
Why are we victims of unpunished crime
Have been we such fools as to not see the instruments
Or did we predict they might go away in time.

The faucet is darkly dripping, droplets which are gripping
Our throats right now our minds in time to return
We should flip the tide, and reaffirm our pleasure,
We should show we're not deaf and dumb.
It's no good wailing, chained as much as your railing,
That you really want the vote again like earlier than,
For nobody hears your plea, they're deaf to you and me,
No on cares about us any extra.

That is about manipulation, of us and of our nation
That is about illusions conquer precise purpose,
That is about lies, and the ability to mesermerise,
That is a couple of slowly creeping treason,
That is in regards to the eviscery, of the impartial BBC,
That is about what poison will quickly take its place,
That is about 5 yr plans, and Residents of Euroland,
That is about civil service, with a really pink face,
That is about soaps and performs, which in very refined methods,
Attempt to put into our minds new units of believable truths,
That is about newspaper demise, within the guise of purveying lies,
While the state preaches Pravda by colleges to our youth,
That is about imaginative and prescient and sound, and any means that's allowed,
Making an attempt to steer you in opposition to your individual widespread sense,
That is about duplicity, making appear true what can't be,
And hoping you'll at very least sit on the fence.
That is about unelected experience, being paid enormous taxpayer charges,
Alaister Campbells college of used automobile salesmen integrity,
This about utilization of such curs, and their lies, and their slurs,
To tug the wool over the eyes of you and me.

Possibly feeble opposition is fuelling this submission,
However this isn't about events or their competence,
That is merely a warfare, not about who to vote for,
However who to positively vote in opposition to.

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